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The Landseer (Continental-European type) is a dog breed. Many kennel clubs consider the Landseer to be simply a black-and-white variant of the Newfoundland, but the FCI recognizes it as a separate breed.

The breed has got its name form the british painter Sir Edwin Henry Landseer (March 7, 1802 - October 1, 1873), because he in 1838 did make the painting The Distinguished Member of the Humane Society which shows a dog of this breed.

The dog "Nana" in Peter Pan, although often portrayed as a St. Bernard, was intended to be a Landseer. The 2004 movie Finding Neverland featured a Great Pyrenees as J. M. Barrie's pet, on which "Nana" was based.

Landseer (Continental-European type) Photo by Andrzej z Helu. 2005-2007