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The curly-coated retriever may be one of the oldest retriever breeds. Its distinctive look likely comes from such descendents as the Old English water dog, the Irish water spaniel, and a small Newfoundland-type dog. It is believed that it was later crossed with the poodle, which enhanced the curly coat. Other sources claim that this breed came from crosses of other dogs, such as the Tweed spaniel and the curly water dog. Whatever its origin, the result was that the curly-coated retriever became the most popular retriever in England by the mid-1800s, and it was known for its outstanding retrieving abilities as well as its companionship. It was one of the first breeds to be shown at English dog shows. The curly-coated retriever was later taken to Australia and New Zealand, and the breed is still popular in those places. The first curly-coated retriever was brought to the United States in 1907, and it was recognized by the AKC in 1924. However, this breed was never very popular in America, and its favor in England also decreased during the 1900s. Some feel this decline was caused by a number of atypical specimens that were known as hard-mouthed retrievers, effectively ruining the reputation of the breed in general. This caused some hunters to choose a different type of retriever. But the curly-coated retriever is actually soft-mouthed, in general. This breed almost died out during the First World War, and again during the Second World War, as food became scarce during these times. It was just a few English breeders that are credited with the survival of the breed and bringing them back after the Wars.

Source: Wikipedia

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