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The Atlas Terrier is an off shoot of the Jack Russell Terrier, one difference being they can be solid in color. The Atlas Terrier can come in any color, including "merles" and "brindles", they can not have more that 15% of white, which will allow for a white collar, toes, facial blaze and chest. The Atlas Terrier comes in two coat varieties, smooth and wire. Tail docking is optional as well, but an undocked tail must curl completely over the back and must fall below the body top line. A Docked tail must be carried high above the body top line. The skull is flat between the ears, then tapering. The stop is defined, but not abrupt. Eyes are almond-shaped eyes, and can be solid, marbled or cracked with any of the following colors: Brown, Amber, Yellow, Green, Hazel, Cobalt, Glass. The v-shaped ears fold forward. The neck is strong well set, and of decent length, the body is tapering, with a "sleeve" like chest, the hind end is powerful, well angulated. The coat is a thick, loose skinned and weather resistant, without a good coat a terrier is very susceptible to the elements, above and below ground. The Atlas Terrier is a dog built for athleticism, speed, and flexibility. A *spannable and pliable chest is of utmost importance, any other will have difficulty functioning underground. they are highly motivated, extremely willing, and incredibly intelligent.



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