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From times immemorial, these dogs have been serving as flock guardians on French plateaus, especially in the province Beauce,after which they got their name.They descend from the old French sheepdog of wire hair.They appearance have changed little during decades so they are especially beloved by so-called natural breeds enthusiasts who appreciate a rustic and natural appearance.A relatively small number of dogs that have been included into selection,has undoubtedly also contributed to this fact.Many uninformed observers may think that the speech is about the Dobermann. No wonder if we remember that F.R.Dobermann,while creating the breed,used probably the French Sheepdog too,which had come to Germany with Napoleon's formations.Undoubtedly,the Beauceron influenced considerably the appearance of the today's Dobermann in terms of genetics.Beauceron is a dog of slightly longer body, shorter muzzle and longer hair.This is a compact dog of strong and solid built,agile and full of temperament,of great psycho-physical vigour,with a pronounced instinct for protecting its own integrity and anything it considers its property.Yvelines It likes company and game, although it can be sometimes rude during game.It's a loyal companion and friend,especially addicted to one person.These dogs have a very pronounced as shepherds in France also nowadays.They have a good scent so people use them for finding mushrooms too.All this features make them excellent utility dogs.

The Beaucerons are also called Bas Rouge(red stockings)owing to their tan of squirrel-red colour which reaches their hocks. The Beauceron is a breed recognised officially only in 1897 although documents on a similar dog originate even from 16th century.A characteristic of this breed are dewclaws on their hindlegs.



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